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Supreme Court Judges

Do we need vague idea of ‘constitutional morality’ when we have written exhaustive constitution?

We have such an exhaustive elaborate written constitution suitable to the diversity and culture of India and the needs and aspirations of its people which just needs its textual interpretation depending upon the context.

Impeachment of the CJI is nothing but a desperate attempt by opposition to stay relevant

The opposition should ensure the charges are not inspired by political vendetta.

Pakistan had military coup, India had judiciary coup

Law Ministry should look into this aspect and order for a secret enquiry to prevent this tendency to repeat in future.

Satire: Judges Press Conference

Read here, recently the 4 Premium Judges from the SC of Mahismati assembled in a Tea Garden and invited some of close friends for a heart to heart talks.

क्या वाकई लोकतंत्र खतरे में है जज साहब?

माननीय जजों की पद की गरिमा का पूरा ध्यान रखते हुए उनके आरोपों पर कुछ सवाल मन में उठते हैं जिनकी चर्चा इस लेख में की जा रही है।

Supreme Court appointed judges pays back to Congress ideology

Another game plan of congress before 1984 Sikh riots and Ayodhya verdict?

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