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Left liberals

Indian elite liberals have declared a Cultural Jihad against people they don’t like

A response to Kanti Bajpai’s editorial Blog in The Times of India dated 27th Feb 2016

Fair goddesses and dark demons – blatant lies spread by leftist propagandists

Wrapping your political agendas in the garb of "Alternative Reading" is not an act of scholarship.

Confessions of a Left Liberal’s stomach

Stomach of a left-liberal shares his or her feelings.

SC rebuff proves Kanhaiya only pawn in hands of breaking-India forces

Politics of the case apart, I was wondering since yesterday how the Supreme Court was going to hear the bail plea of the arrested...

Aryan Invasion theory-myth created by colonial powers, sustained by left historians

Aryan–Invasion/immigration theory must be discarded and it should be studied with fresh approach with simultaneously taking into account literary and archeological evidences.

Making sense of India’s intolerance to Aamir Khan

To respond to an unsubstantiated claim is not intolerance, it is our right under free speech.

What are “intellectuals” doing? Fighting intolerance or stereotyping Indians?

An article that tries to solve this mystery of alleged growing intolerance in our country.

My 9 year old niece invites Aamir Khan to watch her tolerant play

A letter to Aamir Khan after his recent statements on "intolerance" in India.

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