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My take on Rajdeep Sardesai blog “We are all part of circus- Sushant-Rhea case”

Dear Rajdeepji Through your blog titled "We are all part of the circus -Sushan–Rhea case" you make some gross  imputation that- the case does not warrant engagement of three...

They are scared with your choice to write

Peddling narratives is their sole right. They are scared With your choice to write.

कीबोर्ड का सच्चा सिपाही संजय द्विवेदी: पत्रकारिता के छात्र से पत्रकारिता विवि के कुलपति तक का सफर

कहते हैं कि सबको सबकुछ नहीं मिलता है लेकिन कुछ बिरले लोग होते हैं जो अपनी मेहनत के बलपर बहुत कुछ अर्जित कर लेते...

‘द वायर’ के निशाने पे शौर्य दोवाल भले दिखें, पर असली निशाना कहीं और है

शौर्य दोवाल तो बस बहाना है, 'द वायर' जैसे मीडिया की छटपटाहट की वजह कुछ और ही है, और वो बहुत गंभीर है।

Media 3.0 – End of the Liberal Consensus

Media in India now no longer shies away from taking pot shots at each other. What does it indicate?

NDTV might or might not be innocent, but Journalism is pivotal for a democracy

A rejoinder to an article on that argued that journalism was just another profession.

Modi, Yogi and now Baahubali – Media seems to hate what masses love

Media is facing a tough time accepting that they are losing upon people's mood.

How building the Ram Temple would do justice to Hindus conscience

To restore the faith of a common Hindu, and to keep that attachment with the religion and culture intact, building a bhavya Ram Mandir is a must. It is any Hindu's latent wish.

Why Yogi Adityanath

The reason and the mathematics of Modi & Amit Shah for choosing Yogi Adityanath for UP CM.

Why I don’t want my son to become a journalist

About how social media folks are countering the lies of the mainstream media.

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