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Unbridled growth of social media – the vengeance of the amateur

Social Media is a giant that will only grow to usurp the profession of journalism.

खुला पत्र रवीश कुमार के नाम

आप ख़ुद को unbiased कहते हैं, पर आप हैं नहीं। इसके लिये मैं आपके एक episode की याद दिलाता हूं, जिसमें आपने बिरयानि पर शो किया था।

The Fourth Estate and the Fifth Column!

For TRP and sensationalization, media has deviated a lot from its prime goals

Arnab Goswami did not kill TV news. He changed it.

Arnab Goswami has changed the way media was working earlier

Perception and data based journalism

Statistical backing of news is good, but we need more than stats to discuss social opinions

Media 2.0 – Disruption in public opinion space has begun

The web 2.0 changed the shape of internet for good. The churning in Media 2.0 has just started.

Yellow Journalism: Hitjob against Gujarat Government

The invention of a "scam" from nothing

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