Monday, July 15, 2024
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Gaurav Sansanwal

Lawyer practicing before Courts in Delhi | Right-of-Centre |

Politics is the skilled use of blunt weapons

History has shown that not only do political leaders survive false charges but also come back stronger

Arun Jaitley: a tribute to the greatest Parliamentarian who nurtured relationships

Having spent 19 months in jail as an ABVP leader during Emergency, he was one of the finest products of the BJP and the Sangh parivar

Making India a Sporting Power

How India can become a sports superpower

Down with Barkha Dutt’s School of Journalism

Down with Barkha Dutt. Down with Barkha’s school of journalism

Arnab Goswami did not kill TV news. He changed it.

Arnab Goswami has changed the way media was working earlier

Re-brand yourself, Mr. Chief Minister

Don’t just sit and tweet against 'Modiji', all day long. It gives the impression that you are not serious about governance.

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