Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Digital Banking

Preventing a digital unwind

Are we witnessing a digital tsunami?

बचत खाते को भुगतान सम्बन्धित खर्च से मुक्त करें

यदि सरकार OTP को Mandatory बना दे और बचत खाते वालों के लिये हर तरह से Net Banking लेनदेन बिना शुल्क के कर दे तो वरिष्ठ/ग्रामीण नागरिक नगद लेनदेन को मुक्ति करने में देर नहीं करेंगे क्योंकि हर तरह का अतिरिक्त खर्च कष्टदायक होता ही है।

Need for automation and a robust credit appraisal system in Indian banking

The banking sector in India has been in the midst of a churn over the last few years. Asset quality, especially of public sector...

Aadhar and the security concerns

Is Aadhar susceptible to misuse? Everything is insecure. Let's checkout how and the best possible prevention.

Demonetization: Suggestions to ease the cash scarcity

Here are some humble suggestions for the Prime Minister of India to ease the current problems that common is facing while supporting the historic move of demonetization.

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