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crime against women

Bollywood & its Feminists

#metoo in bollywood is not working because of obvious reasons.

Here is why practice of Crime Confessions by the Church is highly condemnable crime under Section 108 of IPC

A recent plea put forth by the NCW to ban the ritual of 'confessions' before the Christian priests inside the Churches, has become the hot talk of the nation.

Political correctness can’t be allowed to dominate debate around women’s safety

Ladies, we have to be wise in our lifestyle. It's a scary place we are in.

After 70 years of Independence, how much have we achieved

Lets ask ourselves how much we have achieved in 70 years of freedom.

Women aint no hashtags!

One such hashtag that recently surfaced, on social media was “#Aintnocindrella”.

Prostitution: The dark side of our ‘developing’ society

Women empowerment comes later. First comes their safety. Are they safe from sexual exploitation at first place?

The crime of walking on the street, and why I support Yogi Adityanath

Before taking a moral high ground and indulging in virtue signalling, read about real problems.

Citizenship: Multiculturalism and Gender Identity

The relative status of women is still used to assess the progress of culture and is also a bench mark of modernity.

समाज द्वारा एक सुंदर स्त्री का चरित्र हनन

समाज के सज्जन कहे जाने वाले लोगों का काम स्त्री को इज़्ज़त देने से बढ़कर उसकी इज़्ज़त पर सवाल उठाना होता है।

बैंगलुरु जैसी वारदात हमें एक दूसरे पर कीचड़ उछालने का बहाना दे देती है

बैंगलुरु जैसी घटना हमारे समाज के खोखलापन को उजागर कर देती है

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