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Open letter to Sagarika’s plea that protesters are not urban Naxals

When protests are engineered with a diabolical motive to exploit the ignorance and sensitive mindsets of religious minorities to spread hate and violence, it ceases to be a protest of dissent and becomes a protest of deceit aimed to defile the national unity.


Poem in response to Varun Grover

हम कागज लेके आयेंगें, उनको जरूर दिखायेंगे। तुम हमको फासिस्ट बोलोगे, हम तब भी मुस्कुरायेंगे। तुम हिंदु की कब्र खोदोगे, हम तुमको गले लगायेंगे। हम कागज लेके आयेंगें, उनको जरूर दिखायेंगें।।

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