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The “Why” of communal riots in Ram Navami

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The Hindu-Muslim clashes during end of March and beginning of April 2023 in different parts of India on the occasion of Hindu Ram Navami celebration have been painted by Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal as Hindutva-wadi terrorism. But the Hindu Rightists called those as Islamic Jihad upon Hinduism.

During that time, with about 30 videos and 15 blatant lies, actors to journalists and lawyers; – Islamist ecosystem spread hatred against Hindus in social media by shouting that only Hindus did violence on Ram Navami. The Islamists also dog-whistled (like in Nupur Sharma case) to enable the Organization of Islamic countries (OIC) to come out openly to criticize India, in a fake premise, for persecuting its Muslims.

An impression was given by the Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal, as if these communal riots were new in India or have increased in India after BJP came to power during 2014. But a record of Bareilly (present day Uttar Pradesh) riots on Ram Navami celebration during 1871 tells “the Mahomedan community had resolved at all cost to interrupt the Hindoo festival, to attack the procession, and to plunder the Hindoos in different parts of the city”. As per Historian R C Majumdar, such Muslim attack on Hindu Ram Navami procession has been an annual event in British India.

Going further back, Hindu Bengalis, under about 500 years of Muslim rule, were not allowed to celebrate the annual Durga Puja publicly. The Puja was to be celebrated privately only. Moreover, Bengali Vaishnava literature of the late medieval period is full of narratives where officials of Muslim rulers prevented or disrupted Hindu religious celebrations. After Robert Clive won Plassey in 1757, Babu Naba Krishna Deb of Calcutta organized the public celebration of Durga Puja for the first time. Today’s secular and Communist Bongs are stupidly oblivious of those facts.

Unlike Hinduism, Islam has all along been intolerant towards any religious performance or celebration which is un-Islamic. For Muslims, all Hindus are Boot-parast, that is, idolator and Kafir. Islam directs Muslims to destroy any form of Boot-parasti. Islam gives Kafirs only three choices: conversion, death or Dhimmitude. The Muslim destroyer of Hindu idols is regarded with high honour in Muslim community and called Boot Shikan.

When a Muslim destroys Hindu idols or disrupts Hindu religious celebration or kills Hindus performing any religious rites, he scores extra points from Allah to make his berth reserved in the Islamic paradise hereafter.

During about six hundred and fifty years of Muslim rule in India, majority-Hindu community was at the receiving end in general. They adjusted themselves and their religious celebrations under minority-Muslim rule and avoided confrontations with Muslims unless absolutely required.

With the coming of the British in 1757, the centre of power in India shifted from Muslim to British. That shift of power-centre released Hindus from the physical and psychological oppression of their religious activities, which they had to undergo in the hands of Muslim rulers. The Indian Muslims, particularly the elite class, became an angry and frustrated lot by finding the newly released Hindu religious zeal on one hand and loss of their ruling power on the other hand.

In demographic sense, Muslims were far behind Hindus. The British imposition of rule of law, however imperialistic that might be, also released Hindus from the status of Boot-parast Kafir in India. That historical transformation made Muslim-attacks on Hindu religious celebrations very commonplace in British India. And it is still going on.

The only difference is, Hindus have now learnt to show their strength and retaliate after BJP came to power in 2014. Thus, the recent Ram Navami riots were between the aggressive followers of a violently-exclusionist desert cult and Hindus following Dharma Rakshati Rakshitaha.

After partition of India, Hindus in Pakistan have gone back to the status of Kafir, while in Bangladesh Hindus are called Malaun (accursed), an utterly abusive term. The Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh, as per Islamic commandment, have been attacking Hindu temples, destroying Hindu idols and disrupting or not allowing Hindu religious celebrations all along, However, Hindus in India do not disturb the religious practices and celebrations of Muslims.

Muslims in India are allowed to give Azan five times a day in loudspeakers from mosque-top across the country. They can perform their annual Muharram procession without any problem. They can perform Jummah Namaz in any place including railway lines, roads, highways, inside planes and train coaches and even on the runway. Their public celebration of Iftar has never been disturbed by Hindus.

But Indian Muslims have all problems with Hindu religious celebrations, be it Holi or Dewali or Ram Navami. Stone-pelting is their monopoly (as Sunnah of Muhammad) along with loot, arson and putting vehicles on fire.

Morally, they justify such violence by resorting to their scriptures and do not show any sign of guilt. So, what may appear as a Law-and-Order problem (created by Muslims) is actually their religious duty. The Desert Cult is so vicious. Hindus must understand that fact.

On top of this, pampering of Muslims by ignorant Hindu Leftists, Secularists and Liberals has worsened the situation. In this context it is pertinent to look at what Churchill said: “while the Hindoo elaborates his argument, the Moslem sharpens his sword”. However, such riots are no longer one way in India and that is causing pain in the heart of Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal of India.

If stones are pelted on any Hindu religious procession by the Muslims, t is a natural phenomenon to the cabal. If Hindus remain silent victims, then the cabal is happy. But if Hindus protest against stone pelting, they are labelled as Intolerant towards Muslims and Islamophobes. Hindus are also questioned for not remaining miles away from the Muslim Areas.

If Hindus retaliate, then all hell breaks loose and Modi, Amit Shah, BJP, RSS, Bajrang Dal all are accused of being Hindu-terrorists by the same cabal. The cabal wants the Indian Muslims to win in all such situations and go back to home with a smiling face to prepare for the next move to Islamize India.

About the author: Dr. Jadabeswar Bhattacharjee served in the Government of India and retired as Higher Administrative Grade Officer after 35 years of service. After retirement from the service, he developed interest in writing on contentious issues and topics. His published books are (1) Politically incorrect Point of View, (2) Politics, Bong and Faith, (3) The Alternative Narrative, (4) The West Bengal Saga and (5) Political Islam and India.

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