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Cyber security on airports in COVID-19 outbreak

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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, employees on the airports are ordered to work remotely from home to decrease the staff on national and international airports. Therefore, not all organisations are technically prepared to offer (mass) remote working options. Cyber-security and other staff under pressure might not acquire and offer the best secure solutions. When working from home, employees may be tempted to use their company equipment laptops or phones) for personal purposes. This may increase the risk of these devices being infected with a virus or malware when visiting less secure websites or visiting websites of personal interest (Facebook, Myntra etc).

-Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi India

As air terminals become progressively associated and dependent upon advanced technologies for example, the cloud, coordinated frameworks, and the Internet of Things (IoT) for expanded efficiencies, it likewise makes the way for new vulnerabilities including security penetrates, malware, phishing and social building strategies (getting passwords)  etc.

IoTs in air terminals assist airport tasks through brilliant sensors, analytics,and associated gadgets. IoT has helped in upgrading digital versatility and operational efficiencies.Airports have profited by the utilization of electronic sensors. Airports have benefitted by using  electronic sensors  to trace and track luggage as well as  solve  the problem of luggage thefts.

Regardless of the different advantages of the Internet of Things(IoT), the interconnectivity of various gadgets, sensors makes it extremely complex and difficult to follow cybersecurity practices as this interconnectivity enables multiple possible attacks.

Proper Security Measures

Preventive measures should be taken and a fully updated anti-malware software application should be installed and monitored by a team of experts. Also proper instructions and  training should be provided to the Immigration department handling the systems at arrival and departure desks and other employees communicating with IT assets and servers.


Strict policies and safety standards should be made. These policies should reflect current and future cybersecurity needs. Poor strategies and policies will risk the organization (Airports) and expose it to various cyber attacks. Investment in cybersecurity tools should also be considered as a good technical security practice to enhance cybersecurity resilience.

Air terminals are vulnerable to different malicious software applications that can compromise operations. Such malicious programs hide themselves which helps them bypass the anti-virus. Sniffing, spear phishing, pharming, MiTM, and DOS are common examples of malicious threats.

Cyberattacks are expanding in number and modernity resulting In loss of sensitive information and confidential data leaked on the dark web.Luckily, the number and complexity of countermeasures to battle the expanded danger is additionally developing.


No airport is immunised to assault, and many can be more ready. Actualizing cybersecurity countermeasures isn’t an alternative; it is a prerequisite of protected and effective activity.The below points should be taken into consideration by all the managers:

  • stay updated to the recent threats that can impact critical data and systems and maintaining regular communication with cybersecurity professionals.
  • Occasionally train directors, staff, specialists, and occupants on their jobs to secure information, be careful about social engineering techniques, ensure that the systems they control is protected , and report the managers at the earliest if there’s any suspicious activity.
  • Build a special team to  Identify vulnerabilities and fix them at the earliest to ensure the system is protected and bug free.
  • Airports to have up-to-date cybersecurity policies and procedures which should be made available and apply to not only the IT Staff  and cybersecurity personnel, but the general Workforce too.

Realize that regardless of whether the entirety of the previous measures are actualized, the air terminal will at present not be completely secured. Stay watchful and persistently improve the level of protection and countermeasures to prevent crimes.

About The Author: Rahul Pandey is an undergraduate engineering student and is also involved in cyber-security research and cyber crimes investigation. He is a member of Cyber Jagrithi and Safety Foundation which primarily focuses on spreading awareness about trends in cyber crimes and cyber security.

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