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Sikhs and CAA: Why CAA is the need of the hour for the Sikh community in Pakistan and Afghanistan

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Priya Ranjan Tewary
Student of class 12

The whole world is fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic amid this a severe terror attack carried out in a Gurudwara of Kabul, where 25 Sikhs are killed including 11 children, according to sources ISIS took the responsibility of the attack but the news doesn’t got the deserving International Outrage, because of the overshadowing nature of Journalistm who choose to give Priorities to news regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic. Indians expressed their heartfelt condolences on the attack. In Neighbouring Pakistan, the condition of the Sikh community are not good either, Jagjit Kaur, a Pakistani girl forcibly married and converted to Islam by a Muslim Boy named Mohammed Hassan.

On January this year, Nankana Sahib, known to be the birth place of Gurunanak Dev is vandalised by a Muslim mob.

A Muslim mob murdered a Sikh youth named Ravinder Singh who came to shopping for his marriage in Peshawar.

The Citizenship Amendment Act passed by Indian Parliament which ensures fast track citizenship of persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh faced criticism from many minority religious organization for not including Muslims in the list and including Akali Takhta well known Sikh religious body.

On 28th March, Captain Amrinder Singh, CM of Punjab had requested Minister of External Affairs, Dr. S.Jaishankar  to evacuate and airlift the Sikhs from Afghanistan after the deadly attack Dear @DrSJaishankar, there are a large number of Sikh families who want to be flown out of Afghanistan. Request you to get them airlifted at the earliest. In this moment of crisis, it’s our bounden duty to help them.

In need of the hour like this, the Indian Sikh community must extend their support to the CAA to ensure safety of their Pakistani and Afghani counterparts, so they can able to live a better life in India.

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Priya Ranjan Tewary
Student of class 12

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