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How Muslim population is gradually becoming a threat to constitutional rights

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All India Muslim Personal Law Board filed a petition in supreme court in Nikah Halala case last week and stated that Mohammedan laws are derived from Quran and Hadith and it’s validity cannot be tested on the basis of fundamental rights given by the constitution of India. Before further discussion on this topic, let’s see what good things AIMPLB has done in recent past.

  • AIMPLB opposed the prevention of child marriage act, 2006 stating that their religion gives them freedom to marry with anyone and insisted that in family matters the country’s Muslims should be subject only to Islamic law.
  • AIMPLB opposed the Right of children for free and compulsory education act, 2009
  • In 2015, AIMPLB declared a fight against vedic culture and Hindu religion.
  • AIMPLB opposed the criminalization of Triple Talaq Law, 2019.

There are many acts of this Islamic organization but the above acts are sufficient to discuss our topic. In the name of religious freedom, how can an organization oppose the parliament and the constitution? Even If your religion allows you to become a paedophile, you cannot continue your filthy acts in name of religious freedom.By  establishing this organization, congress gave birth to a curse in Indian society. Later in Shah Bano case, by reversing the court’s order,the congress government had shown it’s clear intentions where they are leading the country. If an organization says that It doesn’t follow fundamental rights given by the constitution then how come this organization isn’t declared illegal?

In the recent anti-CAA protests, muslims are foul crying over an issue which clearly isn’t related to them. They say that they want to save the constitution but they also say that they don’t believe in the fundamental rights given by the constitution.Now let’s come to Mohammedan laws. In chapter 9 of quran they openly talk about killing non-muslims, raping non-muslim women and validate many heinous crimes. Now if Islam is openly advocating for killing the followers of other religion then how come Islam isn’t banned in India which calls itself a secular country.In 1990s Kashmir has witnessed what Muslims can do to other people and Today we are watching West Bengal turn into Kashmir of 90s slowly.

Anywhere in the world, if Muslim population is even half of the total population, they want Islamic rules to be implemented. India has seen partition once. They took lands on the name of religion and then remained in our soil as bacteria so that they can turn it into a hell for other religions  when they will be in good numbers. Anti-CAA protests, petition of AIMPLB and Writing of Islamic slogans on Indian national flags show the intentions of Indian Muslims what they are going to do in future. They will kill Hindus in Azaad Maidan when Rohingyas will be assaulted in Myanmar, they will kill Hindus in India when Ottoman Empire will fall. They will kill Hindus in India whenever anything bad happens to Muslims in any part of the world. They will welcome illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar and stage Jihad for their protection, but they will say that they are saving the constitution and remember that AIMPLB is advocate of Islamic rules which result into this.

Indian government and people of India specially Hindus should start thinking about the time 100 years from today. As a Hindu I will never want my children to face atrocities of Islam. Choose your policies wisely. Choose your government wisely.Always remember that existence is more important than freebies given by pro-Islamic governments. May lord Ram save you from the evil souls.

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