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The victim of lynching was and always will be a poor

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Whenever there is a terrorist attack in any part of the world then some highly educated and so-called intellectuals work very hard to isolate the terrorist from his or her religion, in this way they become the savior of humanity. India is recognized by every country on the earth so I assume that the whole world knows what inhumane actions were taken by the terror organizations in India in Mumbai in 1993 and 2008. The main accused of the incidents mentioned above belonged to the same religion but they were isolated from their religion as soon as these incidents were acknowledged by the so-called intellectuals. I think these type of intellectuals should be called as a hypocrite because there is a huge difference between their saying and doing, let us see why I am calling them a hypocrite in rest of the article.

If you know about the domino effect then you can easily relate it to the mob lynching which is increasing in the country tremendously and the reason is unknown to us because we are average human beings. Due to our average mentality, it is difficult for us to decrypt the real reason behind the mob lynching but who has already decrypted the reason behind the violence are not telling truth at all but are dividing the society with their own narrative instead. They themselves exposes their hypocrisy by specifically specifying the religion and sometimes the caste of the mob who were involved in the lynching. They do not directly specify the religion of the mob but they do so by specifying the religion of the victim of mob lynching and in this way they expose themselves.

I tried to decrypt the reason behind the lynchings through various youtube channels and according to them lynching is the result of system failure and carelessness of the local police and if police had taken any action then the victim would have tried to harm the police in order to escape from the police so the people decide to take the law in their hands. I totally do not support this kind of action taken by the locals as it is unlawful and inhumane. According to the constitution there no provision of the death sentence for a thief if he is. According to section 379 in Indian Penal Court, Punishment for theft-Whoever commits theft shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both. So it is the duty of every citizen of the nation is to take actions described legal in the constitution.

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Now, let’s try to understand the real reason behind the lynching and if could keep your average mentality away for a while then only you understand the reason behind the mob lynching. The reason is so simple as the victim is poor and it is easy to afflict, fool and, eradicate the poor. that’s what I have to say and will be looking forward to your views on the mob lynching.

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