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Where Rahul Gandhi errs, BJP gains

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Little did Rahul Gandhi know of the reactions coming over his fiddling with the mobile during the President’s speech in the parliament. His every action is minutely seen by the ruling party members. Owing to this close study the Congress leader’s flaws came to the fore. The party loyalists intervened to clean their leader’s aberrations with the fresh clarifications. In the recent case, the party’s one important leader thought to rescue his young leader by saying that he was busy in finding out the meaning of complex Hindi words which were incomprehensible at the time.

If Rahul Gandhi was not serious at that particular time there would have been some reason behind his diversion from the speech. He seemed to have behaved like those students who more often remain disinterested in being attentive to the lecture in the class. They also show no marked liking at the debate competition at the school. Though the famed Gandhi scion has amply improved his political knowledge with the time, there is still a lot for him to learn, as opponents point out stressing that he must show his ingrained natural patience towards the political mannerism. The ordindary people like the type of  leaders who care for their well-being. But Rahul Gandhi’s efforts for the betterment of the farmers, labourers and the youths turn out redundant before his irresponsible actions. He should at least realize that he was in the public life so the balanced approach needs to be followed by him. He has of course blessed with nice manners but the stigma of being ‘Gandhi’ surrounds him every time. He disappoints by his flaws time and again.

He does what he pleases to do but he disappoints people by his own childish actions. He must not submit himself to the ruling party’s tricks thereby throwing himself to their continuous criticism. His one mistake enlivens the ruling party’s leaders and they begin to criticise him for anything that gives them opportunity to go against his weaknesses. It looks painfully awkward and even pitifully sad about everything when he had to face severe criticisms upon his odd actions. He has been continuously projected as naive politician and this image amply suits his opponents. He deserves what he aspires for in the politics but his failures are weakening him in the past. He should prove his political acumen only through his massive wins in the ensuing assembly elections.

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