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Is MK Alagiri the hope and future of Tamil Nadu?

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On careful reading of the article that appeared in ABC Radio Canberra dated January 3 2017 under the title “Birth order: how your position in the family influence your personality” is quite scientific, meaningful and logical and from the article we can easily conclude that Mr. MK Alagiri is likely to have greater number of leadership qualities and styles of Kalaignar than his younger sibling. From that sense those followers of DMK should find Alagiri to be the true heir to the throne of Kalaignar’s legacy.

Experts in psychology has clearly affirms that the personality, behaviour and view of the world of people are modified and influenced by their position in the family.

The eldest children are often high achievers and leaders and who know how to control and boss and are likely to take greater responsibility and challenges. The eldest sibling in general would always consult everyone and are usually perfectionists and also likely to reflect the true character of their father.

Michael Grose, the parenting expert and author has said that birth order indeed account for the differences between kids within families. Further he wondered “most parents sometimes throw their hands up in the air wondering why their first and their second are so different”.

“They may be the same gender, born two years apart, have the same educational experience yet they’re as different as chalk and cheese.

“That’s where birth order comes in.”

Reason for the above difference is due to the differences in parenting. “Parents will raise their firstborns quite differently to a later born child, that’s largely due to focus and experience,” Mr Grose said.

If we reflect the above psychological aspect of children’s behaviour one can easily conclude that Mr. MK Alagiri’s stature will be more equal to Kalaignar than his younger sibling.

MK Alagiri is a true listener, speaks less, observes things patiently, a good organizer and a person who makes difference through his actions than rhetoric. The point to be analysed is not about how long he was associated with Kalaignar in politics but how many qualities and leadership elements of Kalaignar by default he possess over his younger sibling.

In real sense, the elder one is relatively more tolerant, patient, accommodative, caring, protective and responsible.   On the other hand, in general, the younger one will be dominating, arrogant, demanding, less responsible, impatient etc. This difference every one of us can easily cross check within our family.

From the mythological period till the county is being ruled by kings, the elder son is chosen as the next king purely because the elder son will be emotionally more mature than the younger one. Even if the age difference between them is less than 2 years.

The peace march of MK Alagiri in Chennai on September 5 2018 was a grand success. His peace march was indeed peaceful and he did not charge it politically definitely due to his exceptional maturity and leadership quality over his younger sibling.

People assumed that his peace march would be a flop show and at best he may have some small support base in down south of Tamil Nadu. But he proved all those critics wrong.

People are looking for an alternative to AIADMK and DMK. People are yawning for change. It looks like Mr. MK Alagiri can be the real change broker in Tamil Nadu politics.

For the betterment of Tamil Nadu if he align with BJP, Rajni Kanth and other political parties that are wanting to change the fortune of Tamil Nadu, certainly we can have a new ‘King’ out of Mr. MK Alagiri.

A very moderate, calm and a wise leader like Mr. MK Alagir is needed to lead the state and considering his experience and stature being moulded by Kalaignar, people should chose Mr. Alagiri over his brother.

Alagiri has lots to offer to the state from the shadow of late Kalaignar, hope the state will support such leader in near future.

Umbrella coalition between BJP and Alagiri will certainly go well for the state.

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