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West Bengal 2021 election

खेला होबे या विकास होबे

मोदी जी का कहना है कि, ‘सबका साथ, सबका विकास, सबका विश्वास ‘ यही भारत के विकास के मूलमंत्र हैं। भारत की राजनीतिक पार्टियां इन नारों को आत्मसात कर ले, तो किसी प्रकार की खेला खेलने की जरूरत न होगी।

TMC’s queer Pakistan affinity

To Congress and the Trinamool Congress Pakistan and any anti-India country or organization seems to be their favorite intellectual bed partners, like Bangladesh, China or directly Jihad.

Assembly elections: It is in your hands for making historic change

this article is not for die hard party members or who had already made up their mind but for those young voters and others who have not made up their mind and open for different point of view.

The real Parivartan is to be ushered in now

CM Mamata's politics of senseless appeasement like opposing the CAA and appointing a Muslim cleric on Tarkeshwar Temple Board have created much discontent and disillusionment.

How West Bengal was destroyed

WB has graduated in political violence, political corruption and goonda-raj for too long. Communist and TMC have successfully destroyed the state in last 45 to 50 years.

सी- वोटर के ओपिनियन पोल का सार दीदी की विदाई और भाजपा की अगुवाई?

ओपिनियन पोल में एक और जानकारी दी गयी है जो दीदी के सरकार बनाने के सपने को चकनाचूर कर सकती है.

When will the truth dawn on Bengalis in West Bengal?

Many Bengalis particularly the pseudo-intellectuals and self-proclaimed liberals (PISL), are ridiculing Mithun Chakraborty (MC) for joining BJP. They are pointing out that he had...

Why West Bengal is important for BJP

After Left's loot in the state; Mamata Banerjee came promising employment and peace. But since then political killings and corruption have only increased not reduced.

TMC and violence: Brutal attacks on local BJP workers is normal in West Bengal

The recent attack on Gopal Majumdar's (a local BJP worker) octogenarian mother in WB, manifests the inherent violent antagonism against the BJP among the TMC's leaders and workers.

Political murder and Bengal

According to NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) their data shows Bengal recorded highest political murders in 2019, Police data showed that 47 political killings involving BLP and TMC workers since 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

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