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TMC’s queer Pakistan affinity

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The writer, an author and journalist, was a software management professional in various MNCs in Europe and USA.

Making anti-India or Break India comments seem to have become the hallmark of opposition parties today. Specially the Congress and the Trinamool Congress seems to be in love with Pakistan more than the nation they belong to. Not just Pakistan but any anti-India country or organization seems to be their favorite intellectual bed partners, like Bangladesh, China or directly Jihad.

The intellectual lacuna is so overwhelming that presently each opposition party deserves a dedicated white paper on their love for anti-India forces. TMC’s queer affinity for Bangladesh and Pakistan demands its own separate mentions during the celebration of democracy because somehow their neta’s babble do get linked to the anti-India campaign during elections.

The latest amongst them sparked off yesterday. While addressing an election rally in Basa para, Nanoor, in Birbhum area, Sheikh Alam, a TMC neta, said in Bengali that “We as minority community constitute to 30 percent while they are 70 percent. If the 30 percent from all over India unite, 4 Pakistans can be formed. Where will this 70 percent population go after that?”. Here obviously 30% is pointing to the Muslim population.

This wasn’t the only instance of Pakistan affinity of TMC but last state elections in 2016 we saw the same sort of spark from a heavyweight TMC neta. Just hours before the fifth phase of voting in the last assembly election, Minister Firhad Hakim had declared the Garden Reach area as “Mini Pakistan.”  The West Bengal urban minister told the Pakistani news reporter Maleeha Hamid Siddiqui from the Dawn, “Please come along and let us take you to mini-Pakistan in Kolkata.” When Firad Hakim was questioned he was atrociously blatant saying “If PM Modi can visit Pakistan four times, how does it matter if one Firhad Hakim gives a ‘mini-Pakistan’ statement?” One wonders about the level of intellectual and even basic intelligence depravity in TMC.

In November 2017, during Class tenth board, Madhyamik Test examination, maps were distributed in Geography paper that showed portion of Kashmir as part of Pakistan and portion of Arunachal Pradesh as part of China. The map’s watermark shows ‘WBBSC’ which is the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education run by West Bengal Government under TMC rule. What sort of decrepitude would try to imprint the minds of our future voters against its own nation!

During February 2019 West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee questioned the timing of the Pulwama terror attack, asking whether the government wanted to go to war when Lok Sabha elections were round the corner. She said “I have a doubt. How they (Pakistan) have got this encouragement when the elections are round the corner? I dont know….why after Parliament is over. I am in doubt…. why have not we taken any action against Pakistan in the last five years.” She accused Indian establishments instead of Pakistan, “It is a planted game of the RSS, VHP and the BJP. We will resist attempts to take political advantage of the situation”. Seems no stones, however abhorrent to sanity, will be left unturned  by TMC just for votes.

The Trinamool Congress in March 2019, after the Balakot air strike, accused BJP ministers of “leaking exaggerated numbers” to the media about the casualties in Pakistan. The Mamata Banerjee-led TMC also claimed that no statistics given by the central government can be taken “seriously”.

In 2014, a Pakistani citizen was nominated by TMC in the Rajya Sabha, courtesy West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Ahmed Hassan, aka Imran, is in fact a Pakistani citizen, since he entered India from East Pakistan before the birth of Bangladesh.

Assam Police report from Special Branch states that, “Hassan infiltrated Assam long before the birth of Bangladesh and as such, is an East Pakistani. His father too infiltrated, but took up a job in a tea garden in West Bengal, where he was killed by freedom fighters from Bangladesh who came across the border. His visits to Assam from West Bengal were monitored and he was found to be closely linked with several organisations close to Pakistan’s ISI.”

Thus when NIA arrests half a dozen jihadis from Pakistan-sponsored al-Qaeda terror module in Murshidabad in West Bengal in September 2020, one cannot help but wonder if the affinity between the TMC and Pakistan is real or just intellectual. Incidentally those others arrested from Ernakulam, Kerala were migrant workers originally residents of West Bengal.

We should thankful that we have a nationalist party like BJP to counter every sacrilege that opposition commits both individually or collectively. Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha’s Aroon Shah in mid January 2021 slammed TMC MP Nusrat Jahan’s statements that were an attempt to create a communal divide in poll-bound West Bengal. He remarked, “I strongly condemn the statements passed by TMC MP Nusrat Jahan. The words she used like- Muslims would be in danger if BJP comes- she should choose her words carefully because, under the TMC rule, we have seen Kalia Chowk, Pathuria, Dhulagarh riots, and the issues being faced under her own constituency Basirhat.”

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The writer, an author and journalist, was a software management professional in various MNCs in Europe and USA.
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