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shaheen bagh

Is there a Modi-Doval doctrine?

If there is a Modi-Doval doctrine, then it’s foundation is based on these two realities. It is a two-part doctrine; to prevent India from imploding from within and to lift the poorest out of desperate poverty.

असुरक्षित दिल्ली और सरकार का रिसता इकबाल

क्या ये तथाकथित आंदोलनकारी इतने फौलादी हो गए हैं कि इनसे निपटने के लिए आपके तरकश में कोई तीर नहीं है। क्या मौलवी इतने ताकतवर हो गए हैं कि किसी भी फ्लाईओवर पर मजारों के नाम पर सरकारी जमीनों पर कब्जा कर लें।

Right to mobility v. right to protest: SC verdict on Shaheen Bagh

The court’s verdict strengthens that right to protest is constitutional right but it can be restricted if it harms the rights of other people as it happened in Shaheen Bagh case as the protestors blocked a stretch of the road for several months which caused a lot of problem to commuters

How “lives mattered” for our ancestors

While the modern India is obsessed with facial whitening creams, our ancestors saw beauty differently. They saw beauty in the mind, and not the skin.

Minnesota, the latest victim of a ‘coup experiment’

there are few sections of our population ready to riot and run amok at the drop of a hat. Their reasons for such a mindset, could be anything.

Modi-Shah, tough or not?

When is Modi-Shah going to be ruthless, against domestic Terrorists?

What’s Hindu right angry at?

Why such a God fearing, Karma believer, subdued, no actually timid society such as Hindus, doesn’t feel that guilty when riots are taking place?

The slippery slope

Exploiting the rights guaranteed to them by virtue of India being a functional democracy - freedom of expression, right to protest - abusing them to actively undermine democracy itself.

Congress can shatter the dream of AAP in Delhi, advantage BJP

The game-changer can be INC who will decide the future of AAP in Delhi. Since recent trends are showing that INC is gaining back its voter’s faith, it poses a serious threat to AAP.

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