Thursday, June 24, 2021


Opposition united against Narendra Modi

जब मोदी पैदा हुए थे तब से खान्ग्रेस सत्ता में है।” आनन्द शर्मा, प्रवक्ता, खान्ग्रेस

कंस भी सत्ता में था, जब श्रीकृष्ण पैदा हुए थे, फिर पता है ना क्या हुआ?

मोदी की शव-यात्रा निकालकर मनाया गया कांग्रेस की जीत का जश्न

भारतीय प्रधान मंत्री की शव यात्रा: इसको राजनीति कहें या नीच-नीति?

Why Modi govt. feels constrained and restrained in governance despite all its good intentions

Are the key institutions working properly and in tandem? The answer is NO: Read the analysis.

India will see a new PM every month if the united opposition forms govt in 2019

India will be a clown in the world if the 'united opposition' is going to be the ruler of the country.

For Modiji India comes first not politics: Learn from NRC

NRC initiative is all about dealing the UNLAWFUL infiltrators.

Politics of lynching: Congress doesn’t fail to spread hatred yet another time

Congress continues to downgrade its standards as Rahul Gandhi spreads hatred after each case of unfortunate lynching.

It’s high time we stop blaming the government for rapes

The opposition going ballistic over the government’s inability to “control” rapes sounds childish.

The only pain of opposition: Narendra Modi and his honesty

In 2019, even if 200 different parties manage 272; they would make an alliance to stop Modi.

2019 का चुनावी गणित

BJP की पकड़ UP में कमज़ोर होगी तो क्या नॉर्थ-ईस्ट और दक्षिण में तेज़ बनेगी, और फिर से एक बार 2019 का चुनाव जीत पाएगी?

Why Rahul Gandhi’s politics of love sounds hollow

How much Congress would stoop to, to win the 2019 general elections?

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