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Rishi Khemani

A keen observer of national politics and everything falling on its left and right.

Making a case for the safety of health professionals in India

The least a govt and a society can ensure is, the health workers should have a violence-free environment to work as its absence can be detrimental to patients' interests.

Greta Thunberg: Climate warrior or the Left’s tool

Her suggestions hint as if she has caught the leftist syndrome of listing complaints and expecting unreasonable solutions.

The Hindi debate: Old issue, new packaging

The issue of language has been a big hindrance in the path of constructive discussions on other issues in education system of this country.

Mahagathbandhan 2.0? Sorry, my money’s on Modi for 2019

We can only assume that this Mahagathbandhan 2.0 against Modi is a no-go and the idea that this would fail in the same way its younger sibling failed in Bihar is conceivable.

Election results and the future of Indian politics

The astonishing win of BJP in UP is because of 'Modi Management' than 'Modi Wave'. This is where the opposition lacks. BJP has clear roadmap and well-assigned roles to everyone from top to bottom.

My advice to twitter users

Twitter is for opinions and counters, we should let it be that way. Opine with definite viewpoints, not with profanity.

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