Saturday, September 18, 2021


Opposition against Narendra Modi

Time Magazine- victim of lobby or villain of India? Elect Modi and save India

The cover page article in Time magazine about Modi, describing him to be as the divider by a journalist of Pakistani origin, shows nothing but mere nervousness and fear of several lobbies at national and international level about the growing India, a strong India under the leadership of Modi.

विपक्ष की हताशा में EVM बनी तमाशा

शरद पवार का "अजीबोगरीब" बयान इस बात का जीता जागता सुबूत है कि पिछले 5 सालों से कांग्रेस समेत सभी विपक्षी दल अपने निकम्मेपन की वजह से हुईं शर्मनाक हार के लिए EVM को जिम्मेदार बताकर जनता को बेबकूफ बनाने का प्रयास कर रहे हैं.

Rattled opposition and clueless dynast – Save India, elect Modi

The paradox is that both the dynast and tukde tukde gangs does not want Modi and simultaneously the regional parties like TMC, SP, BSP, TRS, TDP, AAP does not want congress and vice versa.

The real danger to Indian democracy

The opposition crying wolf that democracy is in danger may actually come true in 2024, but not because of Modi as they say, but because of lack of a credible opposition, which is themselves.

Election 2019 and the 3rd Battle of Panipat – BJP has learnt lessons from history – by Shalin S Divatia

Modi’s nomination paper filing at Varanasi was a show of unity of the NDA partners, whereas Rahul Gandhi’s nominations were filed in the company of his immediate family members.

Modi Tsunami is happening, 2019 election is about development and not for change, as seen in 2014

The unwise, corrupt, destructive Tukde Tukde gangs and the dynast had never realized that what is happening in India is Modi Tsunami and not Modi wave.

People of India see no problem with the speech of Narendra Modi in Latur, Maharashtra

If we impartially decode the statement of PM Modi, we will understand that what he urged to the first time voters is a truth meant to inspire them to vote and it was not a campaign for BJP.

Index of ‘hate politics’ of DMK and development centric agenda of AIADMK, BJP alliance in Tamil Nadu

To the part of the new president of DMK, has introduced anti-Modi politics to his kitty of anti-Hindu, anti-God, hate and negativity dominant politics of DMK.

Why this Indian election affects the world

With a weaker mandate and fragmented coalition government, several regional parties will be fighting for space for their own state level issues and the larger national issues like national security, economy, job creation, will be neglected.

As a first time voter, here’s why I will vote for Modi

The first time voters should exercise their voting rights but before that they should do their homework.

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