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परिवार पहचान पत्र योजना, CAA, NRC और NPR से कहीं ज्यादा अचूक और कारगर

ये जो परिवार पहचान पत्र योजना (PPP) अन्य सभी योजनाओं से अत्यधिक कारगर और विश्वस्नीय, जिसकी आप कल्पना भी नहीं कर सकते। ये एक ऐसी योजना है जिससे सरकार कि कई मुश्किलें चुटकियों में दूर हो जाएँगी और ये योजना NRC और NPR से कहीं ज्यादा कारगर साबित होने वाली है।

As India agitates illegal immigrants continue to rejoice: Part-II

India is on agitation mode over CAA, based on the false constructs that it was intended to discitizenise the minorities on religious premises. In the meanwhile, the illegal immigrants are being provided a safe passage.

NRC the need of the day.. implement or perish

NRC is the need of the day in present situation wherein lot of illegal migrants have entered the country and its time to a keep a check for this. NPR, census and maintenance of register is required to be done and upgraded regularly.

The fallacious arguments of anti-CAA activists

Once the CAA and NPR exercise is completed, from then onwards, the country could easily detect who are the newly entering foreigners without permission and those with permission but over-staying. This cleansing process, should in no way, be stalled.

The nation and its fragments

The new Law drives India in majoritarian terms, far from anything that the founders of the democracy could have imagined.

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