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मोदी जी ने दिखाया अपना रिपोर्ट कार्ड

इस रपोट कार्ड को देखा जाये तो बीजेपी ने विकास की तरफ देश को ले जा रहे हैं ऐसा दिखता है

The Konspiracy called Kashmiriyat

Political correctness in name of Kashmiriyat of Indian govt so far has ruined Kashmir as an integral part of the country.

The meaning of Modi win for me

Opposition and media must realize that Narendra Modi is not an event in arbitrariness. He is writ firmly on the fate of this nation waking up to the possibility of its greatness.

The one who is feeling betrayed

The only thing apart from quitting politics Irom can do now is to leave the people on their own; they are wise enough to choose what kind of society they want.

Panchatantra in modern day Rajya Sabha

In a peaceful jungle, when foxes tried to hijack the peace and brotherhood, a pack of wolves came and saved the jungle. But the cunning foxes then started maligning wolves, whom they couldn't give an intellectual fight

Things we need to do to strengthen our democracy

Transparency and best practices need to be adopted.

Bhakts or haters, who will win?

Bhakts and haters show intense feelings and they are emotionally driven and logic or fact driven. They support and oppose any policy by government just because Modi is included in it, not on its merit.

What does it mean to be a patriotic Indian?

What is patriotism?

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