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Artificial Intelligence in Political Scenarios

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Business Consultant with an MNC currently working in the UK.

I am sure most of us have heard about the buzz word ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and its expected impact on our day to day lives. Some of the common use cases in AI include – asking Siri on your iPhone to dial a number, Google or Netflix personalized recommendations to you based on your search history and Facebook’s photo tags recommendations using image recognition.

Our machines/ computers are getting this intelligence through machine learning. Now you must be thinking what’s all the fuss about Machine Learning? In simple words, machine learning is enabled through a vast collection of algorithms, which self learns and expand its given learning base through past results.

Now let’s put the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a political context. AI will need an underlying application for data feed and then providing the insights and recommendations back. For the underlying application, nothing can be better than a cloud based CRM application.

The CRM application will contain data of party workers, Assembly/ Loksabha Constituencies, demographics and election results data for each of the constituencies.

Loksabha Constituency Data in CRM Application

Loksabha Constituency Data in CRM Application


Party Workers Data in CRM Application

Party Workers Data in CRM Application.png

Demographics Data in CRM Application


Demographics Data in CRM Application.png

Elections Data in CRM Application

Elections Data in CRM Application.png

Once the above underlying data from the CRM application is fed in to the Artificial Intelligence engine, AI will provide insightful recommendations to the party leaders. I will categorize these capabilities under three buckets.

1) Candidate Selection Scoring

AI Powered CRM application will help political leaders to optimize their candidate selection process during elections. It will connect to the Social media accounts of the candidates and the regional/national news media houses websites. AI engine will then provide the scoring for each of the candidates based on the positive and negative events covered from Social Media and News articles published. For example- If a probable candidate has some corruption charges or was involved in some grave crime, then AI engine will reduce the total score for that particular candidate.

2) Events Recommendation

AI Powered CRM will provide recommendations to the party leaders based on any favourable/unfavourable events which occurred or are scheduled to occur in any constituency. AI can also suggest the impact of such events in the constituency on the party’s reputation based on the historical impacts of similar events. AI will empower party leaders to take decision on participation worthiness of an event.

3) Personalized Campaigns

AI powered CRM will help party leaders to run specific campaigns as per the need in the locality/ constituencies. AI will also help in segmenting and building the right audience of party workers based on some parameters like age, interest level and geo location of the party workers. Something like:

Once an event is recommended by the AI Events Recommendation engine in a constituency based on some reports from news media, AI Personalized Campaigns will help in building the right audience of party workers by matching the interest level of party workers and nature of the event. This data will then be used during the candidate selection process by AI – Candidate Selection Scoring engine in the future elections. AI Candidate selection scoring engine will recommend the party worker scores to the party leaders based on their performance in past events, which occurred in their constituencies.

Having stated all the above scenarios, the acceptability of such applications will still take considerable time in our country. The major deterrents for such AI powered CRM applications can be some political leaders themselves, who may not like automating political processes like candidate selection, as they will always prefer candidates who work for them rather than for the party!

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Business Consultant with an MNC currently working in the UK.

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