Thursday, June 24, 2021



Modi seems to have changed gears – Politically!

Recent developments - both incidental and planned - have worked in favor of Modi. Is this the impetus Modi and his supporters awaited? Interesting times indeed.

Political parties, ideologies, student bodies and freedom of expression

A brief overview of political parties, ideology, student bodies and freedom of expression in India

Arunachal crisis:congress have no one to blame but itself

The real reasons for Arunachal's President's rule

From Zenith to Nadir – The Journey of Congress

From being at the zenith of national politics, today Congress is at the nadir of same.

Why I lost faith in Indian media and Indian journalism

In my younger days, I used to be fascinated with the field of journalism. It seemed like a very noble profession.

How the Congress-Media nexus is hurting India’s prospects

Indian media is playing into the hands of the Congress

Indian Secularism is just a Scarecrow

Secularism practiced by Congress is just a tool to keep votebanks intact & force Indians to stick to most unrelated issues of their life.

And Aamir Khan lost a wonderful opportunity…

Aamir could have used this situation to send a strong message of inclusiveness in India.

Why a vote for Lalu is a vote for Liberal India.

A "liberal" tells us why Bihar voted how it did

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