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Biased Media

Ishrat Jahan case- naked support to terrorists & slander of Modi

Dropping proceedings against former police officers D G Vanzara and N K Amin in connection with the Ishrat Jahan encounter case, a special CBI court on 2 May 2019 said, “The court’s order goes on to establish that the encounter was genuine.”

Modi – India’s Divider in Chief between Kaamdars and Naamdars

Aatish Taseer could perhaps have added any one of the following subtitles to his article’s header: India’s Divider in Chief - Between Corrupt and Non-corrupt, Between Performing and Non-performing, or even Between Kaamdars and Naamdars.

Secularism is new communalism of Indian main stream media

Indian media should understand that people are now smart enough to fall into their prey.

‘कभी बड़े शीशे के सामने खुद को निहारना तब पता चलेगा आप कौन जात हो’

हर खबर में 'कौन जात हो' एंगल ढूंढने वाले पत्रकार साहब खुद को किसी मसीहा से कम नहीं मानते, ये बात और है कि शॉ की टीआरपी नीचे से पहले पायदान पर है।

The Wire calls Nationalism as toxic and suspects Uri attack

Don'e expect any better journalism from them, the news house is from the gang who asked for the proof of surgical strike!

Narendra Damodardas Modi-the man who brought down the citadel of corruption

The Corrupt are nervous and feeling the heat. The CONs have further sunk in a hole along with their appeasement politics. All was fine for them till one tea seller smashed their Darbar to bits.

Everyday cheating of Lutyen’s media

People should make informed decisions and work for the betterment of the country rather than breaking it.

Assaduddin Owaisi’s threatens Indians to convert them into Islam by any means: Again misses out media outrage

Owaisi threats yet again to convert every Indian into Islam by slitting the throat if required.

Exposing the survey-scam of Thomson Reuters making India most dangerous nation for women

As the election time approaches, such biased and fake surveys would be out periodically.

Women and right-wing liberalism

Support of fake leftist narratives coupled with misinformation spread by certain compromised media outlets is producing a generation of confused liberals in India

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