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Assaduddin Owaisi’s threatens Indians to convert them into Islam by any means: Again misses out media outrage

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G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer

The Liberal media (both the Television and Print) often pounce on some of the BJP-leaders for their strident utterances. They shred their words into pieces and make a hair-splitting analysis in the evening prime-time slots and in their slanted news columns. Strangely, the same anchor-jurnos on TV and in print- as opinion-builders, keep mum or minimize their details when it comes to Owaisi brothers of Hyderabad who still run the erstwhile Razakar-party, Majilis Ittehadul Muslimeen of Qasim Razvi and his legacy in all aspects.

That has been proved, as the local newspaper, Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad (dated: 07-08-2018), carried a front page-item about the AIMIM-leader Assadudin Owaisi strongly reacting to an incident that happened in Haryana wherein a bearded Muslim man was forcefully shaved off by three persons earlier this month. It is understandable that such a thing, as manhandling and forcing a person to do something that goes against his religion, is brutal, in a free and democratic country like India. At times, these atrocities happen because of personal animosities also. So, dubbing each and everyone of them as communal clashes would become a hasty conclusion. The culprits, four of them might have been booked by now by the police of the state. Yet the national leaders of the Muslim community, the likes of Owaisi, grab the opportunity to make irresponsible statements.

Owaisi made it Deccan’s front page news

Owaisi in his words said, “I am telling those who did it, I tell them and their fathers, even if you slit our throats we will remain Muslims. We will convert you to Islam and make you keep a beard.” One would not mind the first statement Owaisi made of being Muslims (that is remaining in the religion)- a come what may- kind statement. It is but natural for a person of any religion to speak so. However, there are serious objections with the second. He said in the latter that they (the Muslims) would convert the others (read Hindus) in the country to Islam and make them keep a beard. This is what is going overboard!

The BJP-MLA, Raja Singh, who is always in the eye of Liberal media to be a controversial person, got quite a catch from Owaisi to give a befitting reply. “Seven generations of your family cannot do anything to Hindus. The only thing you can do is to gather public and bark. Why his brother (Akbaruddin) does not grow a beard, he asks. For those Hindus who think often Raja Singh makes unwarranted statements, his statements of now are a music to their ears. Even Hindu counter- weights of Raja Singh types are needed to balance Owaisi-brothers. Otherwise some of these rabid-Muslim leaders could go to any extent. Unsurprisingly, Owaisi’s divisive and worryingly wedge-statement is not covered in Times of India print-edition of Hyderabad or on the online edition of Deccan Chronicle knowing the potential potion it has got to do with the public-psyche. When it comes to Muslim leaders, this much of guarding! This caution is not applied to some non-discript Hindu leaders who make deviant statements from some state or the other. Their statements and their facial expressions are a 24/7 feasts for Liberal icons on TV Channels.

The BJP MLA Raja Singh did not stop there, he went ahead in his inimitable style and said that they would launch a “Ghar Wapasi” programme in the country and all Muslims whose ancestors were Hindus will again return to Hinduism. The BJP-MLA was this time round showed graciousness and concern towards Muslims with a genuine empathy by saying that he agreed that it was a wrong step by the people who had cut the beard of a Muslim man and assured that police would take action against them. He also suggested that Muslims who are secular, should boycott the “Jihadi Muslims” and send them out of the country. The MLA also questioned Asaduddin Owaisi whether he was following Islamic Principles correctly. For, he said Telangana Wakf Board land encroaching is “gunnah”(sin) in Islam, but no action against it by AIMIM leaders. He also urged Muslims of the city to choose another Muslim MP from some other party in the Old City, in case they are keen on getting a Muslim MP.

Asaddudin Owaisi, stuck to theories that liberal media propagates on lynchings and cow-protection groups and also on his own views on the prime minister of India. He said, “A No-Confidence Motion was moved against Mr. Modi and they (Rahul Gandhi) hugged the same person against whom they moved the motion. If I had gone, shaken hands with Mr Modi, a fatwa would have been issued against me. but when he (Rahul Gandhi) hugged Mr. Modi, Congressmen didn’t utter a word.” Mr. Owaisi’s talk defies logic. Which community gives fatwas in India? Only the fundamentalists in his religion, Islam, give those diktats. So, he has to keep his house clean.

Next, he would not hug or shake hands with the PM; even for courtesy sake, as he would have to face the angst of his hard-core base. For this, he has to blame himself as he trained them (his core-base) so, against a Hindu-PM. His equating of the PM to Hitler who did not show any sympathy on Jews, though many of them embraced him, showed his lack of minimum decency for a democratically elected leader who is revered by the majority in India. His joke on PM and Rahul Gandhi’s hug— to be something that they keep doing as they do not have any one to hug in their homes— tantamount encroaching into their personal domains, which a sensible leader would never do.

The present PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi sacrificed his personal life for a public cause i.e to serve the country. Nobody can deny that. He is not for power or pelf. He has not amassed wealth as most of the politicians in India do, though being in politics for so long. Owaisi does not know culture of Bharat. He does not know there is something called “renunciation”. Our saints and Rhishis, most of them are not married. For, a married man, has to fulfill marital responsibilities. Otherwise, it will be a sin according to Dharma of this land. To remain dedicated to the nation by being single is a noble things by itself, it is not something for derision, Mr Owaisi.

For all Owaisi’s statements, the Liberal media that bats -only for the Muslim-causes, should be apologetic and answerable. His vituperative, divisive and offensive diatribe would definitely  offset their theory of -bashing Hindus-only.

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G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer
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