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How did Buddha look upon as Rama and what Rama means to a Buddhist

How Buddhist texts mention Lord Rama of Hinduism.

Three Indias, and a possible One India in 2019

First British and then Congress rule gave us three Indias, and now Modi could unite them all.

Dynasty and destruction has always gone together in India, let us save India

Ruling dynasties have created havoc often, in mythology or in modern days.

Dissolution of the Telangana assembly: An unwarranted move

Now the care-taker government of the TRS is a toothless tiger with no decision-making authority.

Modi’s Rajiv Gandhi moment? Are we headed towards another VP Singh era?

The reversal of court ruling on the SC/ST act can be compared to Shahbano Case during Rajiv Gandhi era.

This is why communists tried to spread hate while Kerala drowned in floods

The hatred and misinformation spread by the communists was by design. Read what inspired them.

Truth about Rupee decline and why 2018 is different from 2013

Why is the Rupee falling? And is this similar to 2013's decline? Find out the facts.

Is democracy dying in Modi Raj? Not if you look back at the years gone by

Modi Raj has not been the years of fears, merely one of change.

Frozen India of UPA versus Vibrant India under Modiji

What we must see in India today is life, the life wanting for change and transformation.

Winners and Losers of the Battle for Karnataka

Who has really won the elections? BJP, Congress, or JDS?

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