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Aadhar Card

आधार कार्ड बनाम निजता का अधिकार भाग -2

इस अंक में हम देखेंगे की श्री के एस पुट्टस्वामी (सेवानिवृत न्यायधीश) के रिट याचिका पर क्या निर्णय दिया गया।

आधार कार्ड बनाम निजता का अधिकार भाग -१

आधार संरचना पर हमले की अगुवाई करने की पहल याचिकाकर्ताओं, अर्थात् न्यायमूर्ति के.एस. पुट्टस्वामी (सेवानिवृत्त) और श्री प्रवेश खन्ना, के नेतृत्व में वर्ष २०१२ में एक रिट याचिका (सिविल) संख्या ४९४ /२०१२ दाखिल करके की गई। उस समय, आधार योजना विधायी छत्र के अधीन नहीं थी अर्थात इसके लिए किसीभी प्रकार  के अधिनियम या संहिता को विधायिका के द्वारा पारित और लागू नहीं किया गया था।

NRC, putting fears to rest

The purpose of this post is not to support or justify the NRC but to quell any fears.

53,000 people lose pension for not being able to get Aadhaar

Uttarakhand, 5,424 people have not got a single rupee since October 2016.

How Aadhaar linking exposed pension scam in Andhra Pradesh

The Enadu Telugu daily came out with a sensational revelation of Pension Scam in Andhra Pradesh.

When Jairam Ramesh was asked to clear his stand on Aadhaar

Jairam Ramesh 'tries' to explain why his government is against the idea of Aadhaar, the initiative of his own government.

Aadhar and the security concerns

Is Aadhar susceptible to misuse? Everything is insecure. Let's checkout how and the best possible prevention.

This is why communists are against Aadhar

Introduction of Aadhar is becoming a great obstacle for Marxists as this will open up the sources of their 'funding'.

Do Not Forget to Declare Loan and Card Payment Over 2 Lakhs in Cash In ITR

These new ITR forms and the rule for declaring cash transaction over 2 lakhs during the demonetisation period is an initiative taken by the government purely to trace the tax evaders.

Is judicial interference in governance matters really needed?

Is the judiciary right in its interference into government duties, even if its not constitutionally power or its in public interest?

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