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This is why communists are against Aadhar

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Like I have always said, Communists are more dangerous than Jihadis. Because Jihadis can be identified where they are but the Marxist perverts wear different cloaks like Journalists, Writers, Activists, Politicians, Lawyers etc., The motive is no benefit should be accrued for India in any form.

Recently on the question of Aadhar Card (or Simply Aadhar) confusions and questions have been created as far as its efficacy is concerned, one should only read frontline magazine which is an unofficial mouth piece of Chinese Communist Party. This propaganda against Aadhar is primarily done as there is a real possibility that India could save (actually saved) thousands of Crores of rupees in leakage, just by making sure that subsidies are delivered to the deserving citizen, this way state’s ability to focus and provide services to the deserving population group/s increases as it gets to put the money (which is a limited resource) where the mouth is. For eg:- in some places the state governments have identified Crores of duplicate ration cards.

As recent as yesterday Advocate General of India Mukul Rohtagi representing Government of India in Supreme Court in Aadhar case has submitted that the Govt. has saved around 50,000 Crores because of Aadhar. Now the Marxist clique in India which is heavily funded by foreign agents including the Church has originally made a case on Privacy to bring the whole case under Article: 21 of the Indian Constitution, but the supreme court has rightly said that on privacy alone it would hear the matter separately.

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Barring privacy aspect, the Marxist Clique has no other convincing argument to make in the Court. Hence, they have fallen back to their routines like Dalit identity, Minority identity, and other such nonsense in an effort to keep up the Balkanization of India. It is precisely because of this reason Sr. Adv. Shyam Divan in Supreme Court has been doing verbal jugglery on the concept of Bodily Integrity which is nothing but another name for Privacy, and it was duly pointed out by AG.

It is nobody’s case that Aadhar is foolproof and it is not prone to theft, loss or gross abuse. If we don’t want to accept the change because something will go wrong, then we might as well not fly in Aero Planes not travel in Trains or use motor vehicles because all are prone to accidents? That would be a foolish argument to make.

The real argument should be what remedy is available for an ordinary citizen in case of a data theft or a data loss or an abuse of the available biometric information. Surprisingly nobody has talked about this extensively in my opinion. The Marxist clique just want to block it altogether for different reasons which are primarily ideological in nature and secondly their inherent hatred for India and are actively involved in efforts to halt India’s growth and prosperity. But the real citizens who have a genuine interest for India and Indians should start building a case with regards to remedy, which should include damages paid by the Government to the concerned citizen if in case his or her biometric information is stolen or abused.

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