Was it a trap for Ajit Pawar by Sharad Pawar, followed the foot prints of Shiv Sena to save dynasty?

Sharad Pawar claiming complete innocence over the coup done by his nephew Ajit Pawar looks bizarre and incredible to believe. If we unwind several scenes that have passed through since election result was out in Maharashtra a month ago does not suggest or support the innocence of Sharad Pawar but clearly indicates the possibility a strong ploy that was happening at subterranean level in NCP.

When the Governor called NCP to stake claim to form the government, NCP had sent a letter seeking more time knowing fully well that such request shall be declined but at the same time NCP wants the central government to impose president’s rule, in order to facilitate such process the letter was sent to the Governor well in advance so that the cabinet meeting was held and a decision was taken.

It looks like Sharad Pawar wants to achieve two mangos in one shot. The problem of who should own NCP after Sharad Pawar has been brewing in the news circle. Naturally Sharad Pawar might want his daughter to be the real owner of NCP but it looks like the stature and political clout of Ajit Pawar is blocking such possibility. The only way that can be achieved for Sharad Pawar is to get rid of Ajit Pawar. But how to get rid of Ajit Pawar is also a big challenge. Unless and until Ajit Pawar is portrayed a villain, unreliable and has betrayed the party, removing Ajit Pawar from party is not easy. Hence Sharad Pawar would have tactically allowed Ajit Pawar to coup the party, use the positional advantage of he being the legislative party leader to give the letter of support to BJP secretly so that later the day Sharad Pawar can play victim, innocent, got betrayed and can caricature Ajit Pawar as a villain and he can be removed.

Possibly the clue for such coup Sharad Pawar would have learned from the chief of Shiv Sena Uddhav Thackeray. Shiv Sena then supremo, Balashaeeb Thackeray cleverly removed his nephew Raj Thackeray to promote and inherit the party to his son Uddhav Thackeray. Subsequently Uddhav Thackeray propped his son as the next prince for the throne.

It looks like to protect own dynasty and remove the possible threat posed by Ajit Pawar to the succession of Sharad Pawar’s daughter, Sharad Pawar would have kept this ploy cum trap for Ajit Pawar. Sharad Pawar claiming innocence is like a reputed cook saying he doesn’t know tomato is not used in fruit salad or lemon juice splits milk.

Shiv Sena has lost all its credibility and so is congress party. Shiv Sena has betrayed not only the mandate of the people of Maharashtra but also the agenda of Hindutwa and Marathi manoos. Contesting next election under any ideology for Shiv Sena is going to be difficult and the only option left for them is to merge with congress party. On the other hand NCP has safeguarded its Maratha vote bank and shifted it away from Shiv Sena and simultaneously had shifted the entire Hindu vote bank of Shiv Sena away from it.

The best option left for Shiv Sena is to become Sonia sena in true sense and people believe that Thackeray family will not find any problem with Sonia family because both these families know nothing by dynastic politics. Both Sonia Gandhi and Uddhav Thackeray want their son to be the owner of the party and become chief minister and prime minister of the country. From that perspective, Aditya Thackeray is not going to be a threat to Rahul Gandhi because Aditya Thackeray never wants to become Prime Minister of India and similarly Rahul Gandhi never aspires for the chief minister of Maharashtra.

People of India must learn their important lesson from the above butchery of democracy and betrayal of people’s mandate by Shiv Sena and Congress party. India and every state need a stable government. The government must be formed by a political party that must have strong and decisive national vision, must work for the mission of one India, must revive the cultural identity of India- Hinduism to break caste system and unite India, must govern the state free from corruption, dynastic politics, nepotism, sab ka vikas etc. BJP and the leadership of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah alone can provide such stable government and future to India.

Time has come Indians must defeat and eliminate all regional parties and dynastic forces and support BJP to save India and its glory.

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