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Indians are dancing to China’s propaganda songs

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Indian media is closely following China just like “Winnie the Pooh” chases honey. Although Pooh is now banned in China as it resembles China’s Supreme leader and communist party head Xi-Jinping, another absurd reason to ban something in China. Jokes apart, now it’s time for some serious stuff on India-China relationship and future of the relationship.

Let’s start with a bitter truth. If China starts a full-fledged war with India, India may lose or  defeat the giant. It’s a gamble for the communist party to play. The Chinese army is technologically superior to the Indian Army, their budget is more than 3 times that of India. But one thing is certain, if a war broke out, it will certainly destroy both the economies. China’s economy is 5 times that of India that means China will lose more than what India has. India is a “Young Country” whereas China is “not so young” these days, the average age of a Chinese is around 37 years. It would be easy for India to rebuild a war torn country as compared to China when the west will take India’s side.

Well, assume India-China don’t use nuclear stuff. That’s the problem with war, nothing is certain, we don’t know what kind of stand will China’s friend Pakistan will take, we don’t know how will America react, how will Japan, South-Korea will react. That’s why it is said, “Who knows what happens tomorrow, it’s a mystery”. War is not a child’s play that Chinese state run media is babbling continuously, Indians can only hope that people in power won’t be as stupid as the state run media journalists are. If they have a doubt over effects of a nuclear bomb on a country, they can ask Japan. India-China War is not a computer game, but real human lives at stake, Chinese leadership should act like an adult and not randomly call for a military conflict, over 2.5 billion lives at stakes here.

India-China ties turning sour due to Chinese Aggression over the disputed territory of Dhoklam.

Why is China so aggressive on Dhoklam issue? Is the Dhoklam area, which is covered in snow for almost 8 months in a year is important from the Chinese perspective to fight a war with India? Why Chinese Communist party and Chinese media is threatening India for a war? These are some important issues. There are several reasons for these:

  • The way India stand-up to Bhutan and supported Bhutan to face the Chinese aggression is making China more anxious in South-China sea dispute; India has been almost silent on the illegal Chinese man-made islands and its claim on SCS. It will encourage countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, and South-Korea to raise a stand against China.
  •  America has been wary of China and its role in providing nuclear technology to its little brother “North-Korea” thus increasing instability in Korean Peninsula. America is trying to strengthen India to stand against China in Asia.
  • India has boycotted OBOR conference because of India’s sovereignty issue on CPEC.
  • Even a non-claimant Southeast Asian state such as Thailand is happy with India standing up to Chinese Hegemony, causing more trouble to China.
Hawkish  Chinese State-run Global Times calling for a War between India-China.

Indian media is dancing to the Communist Party Propaganda songs, want to know why? Because they either don’t know the Chinese propaganda tactics or they just ignore some basic facts.

  •  The People’s Republic of China had always believed in propaganda and they try to hide everything from the Chinese citizens, hide the truth about Tiananmen Square massacre by PLA. So you cannot blindly follow their propaganda, have a narrative.
  • PLA’s recently held 90th anniversary showcased its war machines in the parade. Every country was looking at China because of Dhoklam issue, why would communist party let the chance slip away to spread its so called military might and they were quite successful. Indian media took the bait and covered, analyzed it again and again. They deliberately made it a huge circus so that it can put psychological pressure on India and her people including Indian forces. Though PLA was looking very creepy.
  • China doesn’t have a military, as PLA place their loyalty to serve Communist party and not to the nation. Whereas Indian Army has loyalty to the Constitution and the country, unlike PLA.
  • Chinese military or PLA hasn’t fought a major war in few decades.
  • About 80% of the Chinese trade passes through Malacca Strait, India can choke it anytime it wants.

In the light of the above facts, what should India do? Should India be relaxed then? The obvious answer is NO because we must learn history’s bitter lessons of 1962 when Jawahar Laal Nehru was so drowned in India-China friendship that India faced with a humiliating defeat due to the surprise attack by Chinese Army and India lost Aksai Chin to the People’s Republic of China. India can do following things, though they must be critically analyzed.

  1. First of all, India needs to shrug off fear and stand firm to PLA, Indian citizens and government should boost the morale of the forces facing PLA at Dhoklam and other places.
  2. China proposed mediation in Kashmir conflict between India-Pakistan, India should raise the issue of Chinese human right abuses in Tibet and call for freedom of Tibet from Chinese oppression at various forums.
  3. India should scrap “One China Policy” as there are two China for the time being, i.e. The People’s Republic of China (Mainland China) and The Republic of China (Taiwan).
  4. Conduct naval exercises with USA- Japan, while maintaining a balance with Russia.
  5. Support Japan, South-Korea, and Vietnam on South-China Sea.
  6. Put pressure on North-Korea, it will further increase pressure on China.
  7. India should steadily increase its economic power as well as the military power to fight in future.
  8. Focus on ties with India’s neighborhood.

Looking at Chinese media and the articles written by State-run media and Indian media following them blindly, it’s unfortunate and childish.

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