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Bahubali 2 deserves nothing less than celebration

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Some movies gives goosebumps just to our hair but Bahubali-2 gave goosebumps to my thoughts and I couldn’t stop myself from writing this.

We all have grown up watching Hollywood movies like Matrix, Terminator, Gladiator, Jurassic park, MI-2 and after watching every such movie we always used to discuss only 1 thing, why such movies are not being made in India. One most common reason we could think that Indian producers don’t have that much Money or technological prowess. But in last decade we have seen some movies which were made with humongous budget and used world class technology straight out of Los Angeles and yet they failed to fascinate in same way as a Hollywood movie does “some times” (Hollywood is also producing crap).

Today after watching Bahubali 2 and now I feel like my desire to watch an Indian movie of that standard has quenched. SS Rajamouli has done it. Now I understand what was actually lacking is not technology or Money , it was actually Imagination which is amazingly captured in Bahubali 2.

This movie is a phenomenon happening in India right now and it doesn’t need just a watch….it needs celebration.
This is the celebration of an Indian’s beautiful imagination and whole team’s “Purushaarth”.

You have to celebrate because this is happening for the first time, I am not saying that no great movie has been made so far in India, saying so will be a huge insult to some of the great directors, but all I am saying is this movie has beaten Hollywood in it’s own class. That’s what needs to be celebrated and also for the first time 75mm screen is utilized in a way it should be.

So please don’t get annoyed by seeing everyone sharing status that they are watching Bahubali 2, let them post because its a moment of celebration for Indian cinema and Bahubali team deserve this.

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