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Uttar Pradesh

Power drunk and arrogant Azam Khan threatens bureaucrat

Azam Khan of SP is not new to the controversies. Khan has now pulled up the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Rampur who had just gone by the rules by not allowing his car into the counting centre.

UP Elections and the Secular Conundrum

The discourse in some sections of the media after the results of  UP State assembly elections is quite amusing. The writers and reporters praise...

Are you falling for Indian MSM’s Propaganda?

3 years of propaganda and to no effect

Convenient Coalition Vs. Aspirational Alliance

India has witnessed both natural coalitions (Shiv Sena - BJP) based on similar ideologies and misplaced coalitions (Mufti - BJP) based on no visible common ground.

Madarsa student threatens to commit suicide if Akhilesh doesn’t get bicycle symbol

The student and his sister have reportedly written a letter in blood to the Election Commission.

Verdict 2016 – what is there for BJP in coming elections?

The road ahead for BJP after the election results in Assam, Kerala, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu.

BJP should declare Varun Gandhi as its CM candidate in Uttar Pradesh, here’s why

It is a wild thought, but it might not be a bad idea to project Varun Gandhi as BJP's CM candidate in UP elections.

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