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Science in Hinduism

There is merit in Sabarimala agitation

Traditional ritualistic practices are specifically demarcated to men and women. In each case, exclusion is not treated as discrimination.

Indic way of living- Day by day

the sequence of the day compartments would be: Sadhana- Karm- Seva- Utsav. ‘A day’ lived will be full of life, engaging, enriching, nurturing and celebrating the process called life.

Science in Hinduism 4: Solar System proposed in Hinduism well before Copernicus

Read how our holy books of Hinduism precisely delineate the details of solar system.

Science in Hinduism 3: Time dilation theory written in Hindu Scriptures

Inferring the theory of mass energy equivalence from Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran.

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