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Rahul Bajaj – A trailblazer, an icon

We have lost a great intellectual, a trailblazer, an icon and a man of great ideas. Rahul Bajaj not only pioneered many businesses, but he also equally built countless lives and touched communities in many positive ways. At 83, he died too soon.

Despite the negativity of opposition, the perfect budget makes it way into the hearts of people and emerges as a winner

Narendra Modi once said in one of his Parliament speeches that one could doubt anything about him but one shouldn’t ever doubt his political acumen. He was right.

December blues and BJP

While Mamta would vary of any alliance with the Congress in Bengal, only one who seems more than eager is Chandrababu Naidu who’s more a liability than an asset or perhaps the perennial Party Hopper, Ajit Singh...

Why this intolerance against PM Modi? Its the crackdown silly!

A systematic crackdown is behind the hullabaloo

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