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Why this intolerance against PM Modi? Its the crackdown silly!

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Hemant Karandikar
Nationalist, blogger, runner, startup mentor, design consultant. IIT Bombay alumnus

It has nothing to do with democracy, concern for poor, concern for minorities, concern for Dalits, opposing fascism, or concern for India’s Constitution.

Whether it was Yakub supporter Rohith’s suicide or crackdown on JNU’s  ‘Bharat ki Barbadi’ culture the Congress \ Communists \ Maoists \Jihadis \Evangelists and their media friends are constantly cooking up reasons for attacking P M Modi. If it is purely a political activity nothing wrong in it. But it isn’t. It’s a battle for survival of the corrupt and \ or the anti-national. Here is a partial list of those who are getting in big trouble with the law of the land.

On the Run

Sonia & Rahul Gandhi have now the  ‘accused status’ (Trial Court and High Court have confirmed this. The Supreme Court has refused to interfere) in the National Herald case. Not just Subramanian Swamy, but the Enforcement Directorate too is going after the NH scam. The Agusta Westland helicopter scam is also being probed in which the British agent Christian Michel who was a key figure is being extradited.  This may get Sonia Gandhi or her close aides in trouble. Rahul Gandhi’s British Citizenship or FEMA violations, depending on the way he decides to defend,  are bound to cause him difficulties. Robert Vadra’s land deals are getting investigated by the Haryana Government

Former Finance and Home Minister under UPA  P Chidambaram’s son Karti has been sent notices by ED for his vast assets. Karti’s name also come up in connection with Rahul Gandhi’s UK company. Maran is running out court granted reliefs and now has to appear illegal telephone exchange case.

Dawood Ebrahim’s properties in India and his Dubai funds are being sqeezed. Information from Chhota Rajan is helping in this. Shahrukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders and Kundu dealings are being probed.  After UPA Government didn’t do anything beyond blaming Lalit Modi for IPL scams, the new government has started his extradition proceedings.  The benevolence of State Bank and other Government controlled banks towards Vijay Mallaya has ended. His multi million dollar severance deal with Dieago is getting blocked.


NDTV’s alleged FEMA violations continue to get probed.

In Maharashtra, Chhagan Bhujbal is being investigated by ED for money laundering and has attached land property worth Rs 160 Crore. The massive irrigation scam is being probed by the state government.

Anti-national Conspiracy


As if all the above are ‘minor transgressions of law’,  the Ishrat Jahan’s terror activities and she being part of LeT terror network were covered up by a conspiracy executed during Sonia \Manmohan \ P Chidambaram rule. This cover has been blown up because former Home Ministry officials and IB officers have come forward describing what really happened. India’s security was severely weakened. This is bound to be investigated.

Difficult to hide

Since last year, foreign funded NGO s are required to file end-use of foreign money as per law. They can’t use money other than the stated purpose by them. This had made them restive.

Tax treaties, automatic information sharing with many nations and IT powered tax network are making hiding black money trails more and more difficult.

The big and corrupt people feel cornered. Earlier they would ride through troubles with help from the government and adulating media. The Modi Government is systematically investigating these scams and conspiracies.  Vociferous social media are exposing  them, making cover up by main stream media difficult.

That’s the reason for this rising intolerance against PM Modi.

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Hemant Karandikar
Nationalist, blogger, runner, startup mentor, design consultant. IIT Bombay alumnus

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