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“India Needs Modi than Modi Needing India”

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-Writer is an Activist and former Media President of Delhi University Students Union.

No politician in India has been tainted in such an unabated manner and no one has withstood it with much pliability and audacity as him. Started with unfortunate 2002 Godhra incident where the charges against him were baseless and false propaganda was planted to defame and convert falsehood into belief among the general population and influential intellectuals. As the old saying stands ‘’Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood’’. Today, the lid over the entire planned conspiracy has blown, and IPS Sanjiv Bhatt and Teesta have been exposed.

The unfortunate riots were followed by the state elections the results of which made the psephologists run for cover. Narendra Modi’s name is already etched in the books of Gujarat history, and will always be remembered for his peerless vision and execution. Gujarat development journey has received enormous admiration both across Indian and the World. When Narendra Modi took over as the Chief Minister state was lurching under the effects of ruinous earthquake which occurred in 2001 and subsequently drought and cyclone too decelerated the development journey. Everyone though that to bring the state to normal affairs will take years but under a record time of less than three years Gujarat was on the path to development and entire world talked about the Gujarat Model of Development.

A common man has emerged amongst us in form of Narendra Modi . His journey from a tea seller to the Prime Minister has been one of struggle, dedication, determination, hard work and perseverance. An average Indian finds his own reflection in the struggle of Modi. All my life I have heard the uber famous line “Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta” and after all I have seen one man just like you and me who is a light for 1.2 billion Indian’s. He has laid out an ambitious and farsighted vision to restore India’s golden days. He believes that inept governance is responsible for all the perils in the society and the solution to all the perils is ‘Development’. He is unusual ,he has garnered support cutting across the traditional vote banks politics. Alas, he is regularly criticised by his opponents as power hollow opposition are finding hard to digest how a common man can become the Prime Minister of the country and become a ray of light for billions. Parliament has been turned into a general akhada with absence of debates and only adjournments. In 1841, the British Prime Minister Lord Derby said in the House of Commons “The duty of an opposition is very simple; to oppose everything and propose nothing”. This holds true in today’s political situation . Intolerance became the word of the year in 2015. No one heard about the term “tolerance” or “Intolerance” before 2015 because it was marketed because of the thrashing loss in the general elections of the opposition to defame and reduce Modi’s credibility.

India needs Modi more than Modi needing India. He is a hope, he is an aspiration, he has committed himself, he has strong convictions, he is resilient, and he has the right intent. A well deserved recognition by the U.S President. As the saying goes great men think alike and this is what Mr Obama’s comment on Modi indicates. Modi and Obama think alike and welfare of people anywhere dominates their thoughts.

Modi’s good governance process seems to be running in momentum. The Chief reformer and his team looks sanguine to consummate those hopes and aspirations. In the hindmost one and half year the administration has moved from an epoch of policy mobility to an epoch of policy primacy. Prime Minister’s ambitious and far-sighted projects such as Jan Dhan, Beti Bachao, Make In India, Swachh Bharat, Smart Cities, are a stride towards cognizance of the Modi’s Model of India-the India 1.25 cr reckon upon.

The Modi’s foreign stratagem appears geared to reinvent India as a more merciless , reliant and taut nation. No suspicion he has shove India as the “biggest opportunity” for both business investment and career-building in the current global economy.He has consummate astounding blooming and economic growth and at the same juncture invigorated societal inclusiveness. Indian faction is now admired all around the sphere and time has changed promptly. Now the World is seeing India with immense craving and buoyancy. The rings of change are swift moving! From expeditious resolution moulding to tactile exertion on the deck level, from ameliorated output to India’s stature on the world stage increasing. India is truly undergoing phenomenal metamorphosis! Narendra Modi’s startling triumph gives India its peerless odds ever of opulence.

Plaudits to him and his zeal. Jai Hind!

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-Writer is an Activist and former Media President of Delhi University Students Union.

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