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Pending cases in courts

Making judiciary an accountable and just institution

reforms in the judicial system require sustained effort and commitment from all stakeholders, including the government, the judiciary, and civil society organizations.

न्यायालय या कानून के आधार पर फैसले देने वाले सरकारी कार्यालय

हर आदमी ये सोचता है कि न्यायालय से उसे न्याय मिलेगा परन्तु क्या न्यायालय कि शरण में जाने पर उसे वाकई न्याय मिलता है या फिर न्याय कि आस में वर्षो न्याय के दरवाजे पर दस्तक देते देते उसकी उमर निकल जाती है पर उसका केस उसके मरने के बाद भी जिंदा रहता है और कोर्ट या अदालतो में वैसे हि अकारण तारीखें पड़ती रहती हैं।

Courts are the battlefield of legal mercenaries

Justice is costly, it comes with a price. It comes with a price tag that some simply cannot afford.

Regional Benches of Supreme Court in your Homes?

While reluctantly acknowledging that the resort to Videoconferencing by Supreme Court and High Courts may be the need of the hour, at this moment of time, it ought not to stay beyond a minute of its need.

Do judgements contribute to pendency pandemic?

Just as the Covid-19 virus is not going anywhere until a Vaccine is discovered, this pendency Pandemic too is not going anywhere until a vaccine is found by superior Judiciary, to administer to itself, quite heavy doses of the same.

An open letter to Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India

Time may have come for the Central Government and the State Governments, to grab these Pandemic Times, as THE occasion to achieve the twin aims of a huge reduction in the docket explosion in courts and a collateral yet humongous economic benefit in the hands of the litigants.

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