Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Our prime minister is trying to evolve a strategy along with SAARC countries to fight coronavirus

Modernizing Diplomacy- Is it a new way?

The arising of e-diplomacy provides an advantages in terms of safety, which is the most prioritized concern in any diplomatic meeting.

Common man’s view on solidarity

Should we move to the community spread stage we will reach unimaginable level of human destruction given India’s health infrastructure, public health support and general level of poverty and immense population.

Ducking the COVID-19

Voluntary compliance, which is a practical philosophy, would decide whether India would duck the COVID-19 trends.

Understanding the menace of Coronavirus

Who would have imagined that a virus would be the most talked, most searched and the most feared topic in the whole world?

India lockout for 21 days, necessary evil or ill-advised mis-adventure?

By scaring people about some innocuously obvious facts about Corona is although necessary and inevitable but at the same time the preventive measures should not sink people to sorrow and suffering worse than real corona attack.

Why India can’t afford a free run of the Corona virus

To put it straight: India is not prepared to meet the requirement of ICU ventilator beds if Covid-19 spirals out of control.

Only Namaskar, No friendly Shaking Hands says- COVID-19 for its exit

The world has become ‘one’ because of coronavirus. For, it (the virus) doesn’t care about boundaries, politics or religion to inflict and cause disease.

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