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Protests against New Agriculture Laws- Is it really between farmers of Punjab, Haryana, and the Government of India?

Protests against New Agriculture Laws- Is it really between farmers of Punjab, Haryana, and the Government of India? or it’s an outburst of socio-economic challenges faced by Rural Poor compared to Rural Rich across the country

3 reasons why government should retract MSP

After scanning MSP system through the economics lens, it seems to be a bane to the farming sector and altogether to the whole economy. It's promulgated on the basis of socialist ideas and we all know nothing good can happen to the economy by socialism.

Part-9: What is the path forward?

By demanding more MSP and trying to finish the private sector by asking for mandatory MSP, can the farmers decide that India should stop investments in infrastructure, education, schools, defence, manufacturing and route all their funds only to farmers?

Part-8: The issue of giving MSP prices to all farmers

Blind mistrust of corporates is dangerous. There are only two options for investments, Governments and the private sector. If governments have not delivered, it has to be the private sector.

Here is why I support the farmers protest!

According to the protesters, govt should consult every sets of people before making any laws for them. For, should govt also consult criminals before deciding laws for crime?

Why an MSP law would be absolutely ridiculous

In this article, we will discuss why the second of these demands: a law guaranteeing MSP to farmers, is absolutely untenable.

Farm act: A tussle between pride and prejudice

The much awaited farming reform is one of the proud achievements of the present government. However, the reform seems to have fallen prey to the lingering prejudice against the government.

One step closer to Congress Mukt Bharat

All the parties supporting these irrelevant protests will lose their vote shares as and when they go for elections. Congress's strong bastion in the name of Punjab slipping out of its hands in 2022 might just be the last nail in the coffin.

Farmers protest heading towards a disastrous end

if the laws and acts are going to be decided by protests, why do we need a parliament? Indian Constitution provides ample options to the state government to challenge the bills enacted by the central government in the court of law.

Farm Bills 2020

Congress' corrupt parasitic policies are the sole reason as to why farmers are in this dismal condition.

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