Friday, May 14, 2021


Mamata Banerjee

What is the opposition mixture banking up on for 2019?

The question is not why Mamata Banerjee is doing this, the question is how dare she support corruption so openly and in such a brazen manner and still expect to win elections.

Mamata & united opposition- The true face of fascism

The disgruntled opposition will give the anti-incumbent 'Modi Sarkar' a challenge, but the PM still enjoys massive popularity amongst masses as the Modi wave is far from over just yet.

Mamata Banerjee needs to learn some lessons on how a CM should be from Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi never questioned CBI unlike Mamata Banerjee.

Why Congress must work for the victory of Narendra Modi led BJP in 2019 general election

If Congress fell into the trap of regional parties and strengthen the regional parties just to oppose Narendra Modi, Congress is doing nothing but destroying itself and digging own graveyard.

अब आप ममता केजरीवाल से समाचार सुनिए

व्यंग: यह आकाशवाणी है: अब आप ममता केजरीवाल से समाचार सुनिए

Registration for Trademark ‘Biswa Bangla’ secured by West Bengal

Biswa Bangla is also a 100% government-owned company which provides handlooms and other handicraft material associated with West Bengal

The cycle of violence in Bengal and why it refuses to end

"The end comes soon. We hear drums, drums in the deep. They are coming."

Mahagathbandhan at national level is not going to be an easy run

It isn’t a guarantee that an alliance will necessarily work in 2019.

West Bengal on the top for acid attacks again

In spite of being the first place in the case of acid attacks, Bengal's record in the matter of giving justice and compensation to the victims in Bengal is quite bad.

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