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Lockdown impacts on economy

Quench thirst or save lives?

It was surprising to know people in the county were dying not for food but for liquor.

The last of the Colonials

The Indian bureaucracy has shown an unacceptable inertia which shows that crisis situations are not it's forte. It is time now to let academia and other institution step in and help

Confused over Porcupine, Hedgehog, Echidna similarity and parallel evolution of novel coronavirus

Unfortunately we portrayed novel coronavirus as villain and at the same time as hero and caused confusion, even to the virus.

Boredom is better than martyrdom

It is time to revisit and revise all strategies that have been implemented to flatten the curve. Else, in one fell swoop, everything would turn topsy-turvy.

The pandemic paradox

The psychosomatic or the mental frame has faced a huge blow in the ongoing pandemic.

COVID-19- Life on pause

One important fallout of the Lockdown is that, finally, housewives are reconnecting with their family and strengthen the bond which had frayed due to each one's busy schedules.

When science start worshiping ‘ghost and shadow’ of coronavirus ‘3W Paradox’ becomes the end product

Effects of COVID-19 on economy

The after effects of COVID-19 will continue for upcoming decade.

Study of Indian economy: Challenges & opportunities in the post-COVID scenario

Our economics must be more benevolent, it must not just benefit our people but also we must be in an advantageous position to help others

Without a vaccine -The pandemic is going nowhere?

No point or purpose will be served, in cacophonously clamouring that the rulers were doing this and that or not doing this and that, as neither they nor We The People know what needs to be done, until we have the VACCINE.

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