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Follow the given teachings and become Darling of Indian Liberals

Follow this principles and be a darling of 'emminent' 'seculars'.

राष्ट्र बनाम हिन्दू – कैसे भारतीय राजनीति ने ‘धर्म-निरपेक्षता’ की धारणा को बर्बाद किया है

हम ऐसी स्थिति में आखिर पहुँचे ही कैसे कि हिन्दुओं के लिए बराबरी के अधिकार की माँग पर व्यक्ति को सांप्रदायिक घोषित कर दिया जाता है?

Biggest fake news cum communal agents of Indian journalism

The guards of secularism and liberalism in India are media houses. They can give a suitable spin to anything and everything.

Liberals desperate to blame BJP for Dalit atrocities are sounding tragically ridiculous

The liberal ecosystem is fueling hilarious dalit propaganda against BJP

Inspired by Mukul Kesavan : the magical India before 1991

Mukul Kesavan is talking about an India that never existed.

NRI-Punjabi Hypocrisy on Drugs

Drug menace is Punjab and hypocrisy of NRI Punjabis

Tanmay Bhatt episode: Selective Outrage and Glorification of the Offender

Glorification of the offender is called the new progressive idea.

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