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Bengal: Nobody speaks up for Hindus

Not only Hindu temples but Hindu lives,too, hold no value for liberals, media and leftist politicians.

Lynchistan: Another lie of Indian media

Lynchistan is the another series of lie propagated by Indian media.

Guha and the Gandhi he hides

Guha today selectively drummed the message of Gandhi on caste-free India, to embarrass the Hindus. But has he narrated all there is to know about Gandhi?

Why I wish to live in Shivaji’s India!

We need a Shivaji movement now

Sanjay Leela Bhansali issue: How the ‘Hindu Fringe’ should protest?

An analysis of the options available, and the kind of reactions they attract.

Minorities Commission turns blind for the human rights of Kairana Hindus

The Minority commission has been reduced to functioning as a vassal to promote the classic victim-hood narrative

Why PM Modi would do well by not emulating Prithviraj Chauhan

There is one lesson from the history that Narendra Modi must learn.

Hindus in Assam fought for survival, and the rest of us should learn

Hindus should stop identifying themselves on caste lines and should unite for a common goal and purpose.

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