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The Pragyan rover and presence of sulphur on Moon: Why it holds substantial significance

The discovery of Sulphur on the Moon suggests that there may be the potential for life on the Moon, or that it may have been possible for life to exist on the Moon in the past.

Russia and China relation- Old friends new horizon

China invested heavily in CPEC which they regarded as a dream project and a way to revive the ancient Silk Route has already taken a hit, and countries part of it are under the trap of Chinese debt or have defaulted.

What are Saudi and MBS really up to?

The United States of America has enjoyed its hegemony over the world ever since the USSR disintegrated but now the times are changing, and the world is moving from a unipolar world order to a multipolar one. this article talks about the role of MBS and Saudi Arabia in the same.

India’s rise in the geo-political world: Cementing relations and forging new alliances

Just a few days back, India climbed up the economic ladder to become the 5th largest economy in the world by surpassing the UK

Russia-Ukraine crisis, reasons & its consequences explained- Unbiased

It’s been more than a month since Russia started its “Special Military Operation” against Ukraine and there aren’t any signs of de-escalation until now....

China eyeing the North Eastern states of India: An insight

Arunachal Pradesh provides security to the Bhutan from the Eastern side, so if China captures Tawang then Bhutan will be surrounded by China on both eastern and western side.

Memory War: Russia and Ukraine

In today's realpolitik, what needs to be seriously debated is this denial of Ukraine and separate Ukrainian identity irrespective of how closely the two have been interwoven through centuries. 

Organisation of Islamic Countries: Bulldozing geopolitics with religion

Why to have an organisation of countries based on religion? In fact, OIC is a religious organisation with political motives. There is no other organisation of countries based on religion, rather they are based on region.

President Biden’s missteps and ANKUS deal

As Trump changed some of the Obama-era policies, Biden appears to be restoring some of the old policies regarding China, Russia, and other countries. Some are cosmetic and some are real that may have a profound effect in the world transiting into the multipolar world, sooner than earlier anticipated.

What should be India’s stand-in Myanmar issue?

As of now, India should definitely come forward and talk with Myanmar Military and ask them to stop brutality on their own citizens. Here's why.

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