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feminism in INDIA

Feminism movement- helping or hurting Bharatiya women?

Articles are written, conferences are organised, special programs and advertisements are on television and there are celebrations on women’s day all over the world, Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

करवा चौथ: लोक परंपरा, बाज़ार और नारीवाद

बड़ी संख्या में नवयुग की स्त्रियाँ दुविधा में है। करवा चौथ को हाँ कहें या ना कहें। हाँ कहती हैं तो पिछड़ी मानसिकता से बंधी मानी जाएँगी और ना कहती हैं तो विज्ञापनों में पसरा ते लुभावना ग्लैमर हाथ से जाता है।

Is application of western feminist logic to Indic practices justifiable?

Self styled feminists eagerly wait for occasions like Navaratri and Durgostsava to slander Indic virtues. But to what extent does this criticism holds ground is a matter of question which we need to address.

Religious secularism

With the hypocritical standards which are followed in this country, a person is looked down upon to celebrate an historical moment in his religion.

Feminism in India is nothing but social libertarianism in disguise

Indian feminists claim to be fighting for women's rights. But in reality, their aim is to debase Indian society morally and spiritually. (by @AkshaySaraswa16)

Womanhood: An Indian perspective

The clear heart and aspiring mind of a modern woman makes the society an elated space and to be breathing the same air is an honour and privilege and calls for life line celebrating period.

Feminism is nice, but why settle for a lesser idea?

Feminism talks about only women, Devi talks about humanity and cares for everyone equally as a compassionate mother (real gender neutrality)

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