Thursday, October 21, 2021



Demonetization: The politics of morality

Recent demonetization throws lights on Prime Minister's moral and ethical values and will to make India prosper.

Is demonetization going to stall GST?

With Demonetization now and later GST (if rolled out), states will have huge dependency on center for funds.

Demonetization: Suggestions to ease the cash scarcity

Here are some humble suggestions for the Prime Minister of India to ease the current problems that common is facing while supporting the historic move of demonetization.

Three perspectives of demonetization: Economy, Common man and Opposition

The Aam Aadmi’s confidence and trust in Modi’s demonetization decision is due to the fact that the Aam Aadmi realizes, “in the long run he will live”.

Open letter to fellow Aam Aadmi over Black Money

Demonetisation is just the beginning, we all have to join hands to achieve end objectives.

Are we leading ourselves to recession?

Banks have power which they could have not imagined without demonetisation.

The real story of crocodiles and small fishes in relation to demonetization

Pond was not dried to kill crocodiles. Small fishes have not died. Read the real story.

Was demonetization placed right in the sequence of strategy roll out?

Demonetization is not just about how big a move it is, but it's about where you place it in the sequence of planned strategy.

Dear Arvind Kejriwal, I once considered you a hope, now I consider you a menace

I thought Kejriwal will bring a paradigm shift in the discourse of politics in this country.

Can you solve this Crossword puzzle on demonetization?

A crossword puzzle to solve on demonetisation theme.

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