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Court cases

न्यायालय या कानून के आधार पर फैसले देने वाले सरकारी कार्यालय

हर आदमी ये सोचता है कि न्यायालय से उसे न्याय मिलेगा परन्तु क्या न्यायालय कि शरण में जाने पर उसे वाकई न्याय मिलता है या फिर न्याय कि आस में वर्षो न्याय के दरवाजे पर दस्तक देते देते उसकी उमर निकल जाती है पर उसका केस उसके मरने के बाद भी जिंदा रहता है और कोर्ट या अदालतो में वैसे हि अकारण तारीखें पड़ती रहती हैं।

Courts are the battlefield of legal mercenaries

Justice is costly, it comes with a price. It comes with a price tag that some simply cannot afford.

The sacred thread of Rakhi and our Hon’ble Justices

Dear hon’ble keepers of law, are Hindu traditions synonyms to the iron shackles in your books, which are used to restrict criminals from committing crimes?

PM-CARES: Why it is not under the ambit of RTI

PM-NRF, a similar trust was set up by PM, Jawaharlal Nehru in his "personal capacity" in the year 1948. Interestingly, PM-NRF too, isn't under the purview of RTI and CAG.

Do judgements contribute to pendency pandemic?

Just as the Covid-19 virus is not going anywhere until a Vaccine is discovered, this pendency Pandemic too is not going anywhere until a vaccine is found by superior Judiciary, to administer to itself, quite heavy doses of the same.

Justice delayed … but hope lingers

A first person account why cases are languishing in High Courts in India

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