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फ़्रांस को खा रहे, ब्रिटेन को खाने की पूरी तैयारी है, सावधान भारत वालो अगली बार तुम्हारी बारी है

ये यूरोप में ईसाइयों से लड़ रहे, इजराइल के यहूदियों से लड़ रहे, भारत के हिन्दुओ से लड़ रहे और इसके आलावा ईरान, सीरिया, जार्डन, व इराक इत्यादि देशो में खुद से हि लड़ रहे हैँ।

UK spends US$8.5 million per day towards illegal migrants

While the citizens in the United Kingdom (UK) are suffering from an acute financial crisis and whereas many UK military families are not having access to room-heating systems or hot water, the government has been spending US$8.5 million every day to host illegal migrants in hotels at the cost of taxpayers.

India’s Stockholm syndrome

The first leaders of independent India committed greater injustice in 60 years than the British or the Islamists in all of history by audaciously ignoring the power to reset the course to the future of the country; the cowards succumbed to selfishness and what I can only ascribe to the Stockholm Syndrome.

Dive to the future: Conversion of the Royal Navy from coal to oil

The conversion of Royal Navy from using coal as fuel to oil: The final decision was of Winston Churchill, this post will explore that.

Why they stigmatize nationalism

If nationalism did not have a worthwhile place in a polity, no country would have thought it fit to have National anthem of their own and take pride in singing it.

How does Russia and UK’s tension impact world?

Theresa May described it as the biggest expulsion of the last 30 years. At the same time, it has been said that the government property of Russia will be seized in Britain.

West Asia – A Glimpse into Jawaharlal Nehru’s ideas of Arab Nationalism

Nehru had a very steadfast stance on the Arab world

How much does Britain owe India? An attempt at objectively calculating Britain’s debt to India

There has been this raging debate on the quantum and nature of the debt Britain owed India.

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